Unexpected Espresso Machine Request

It has been awhile since I started making my own coffee for potential buyers who visit my open houses. On one special occasion, my boss paid me a visit at a home. Being the peacock i am, I wanted to show off my mad espresso making skills. He wanted a latte so I made him one with a leaf pattern on the surface.

He was really impressed. He immediately asked me to look around for a super-automatic espresso machine for the office. I agreed and thus the hunt commenced for the best super-automatic espresso machine on the market that money could buy. Or so I thought, I kinda forgot how much of a cheapskate my boss was. He then added “get something wallet friendly, we wouldn’t want to go broke now would we”. Well that was a bummer. But at least now we get free quality coffee. YAY ME!citiz-c120

Since my company was sponsoring my next purchase, I really went all out on researching which the best espresso machine for the office was. My boss didn’t specify a price range but knowing him, the budget option would always be his pick.

So, I identified the two top espresso makers for the office in 2016. The first was a pod super-automatic espresso machine. The Nespresso CitiZ and the second is the Nespresso C100 super-automatic pod espresso machine.

The reason I opted for capsule machines is because nobody has the time for powder in the office. These pods also give you a lot more options of drinks to choose from. As long as you have the right pods, of course.

Too bad the cheaper C100 was out of stock at Amazon. So I picked up the Nespresso CitiZ C120. This espresso machine came with a Aeroccino milk frother that was automatic. All you have to do if you want a perfect cup of coffee is to select your capsule, insert it into the machine, fill up the milk frother and let the machine do the rest.

If you’re ever looking for a espresso machine that is an easy to use, the C120 does a stellar job. Don’t ever expect to get creative with it tho, it is a super-automatic espresso machine which means there is very little left for you to control when it comes to getting your cup of coffee.

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