Life Without Coffee

lifewithoutcoffeeHave you ever imagined life without coffee?? I mean like, how would we ever function. I wouldn’t even have the energy to start the day let alone get dressed or send the kids to school. Would life as we know it just cease to exist? Would we all be cranky and irritable all day long? Or would we all just be too busy sleeping to even care about work and life in general?

Anyway, I wouldn’t want to live in a world without coffee. I guess I’d probably be in a stasis without coffee anyway. If I was King of the world, I’d declare Coffee as a free commodity for all. Everyone would be given a coffee allowance, everyone would have to learn how to use a semi-automatic espresso machine at school and every household would need to have a minimum of one espresso machine.

I am not some neo-nazi leftist or anything but I really do feel that coffee is a gift from the Gods! Ok I don’t think I’d make a good Supreme Overload anyway. This is just another one of my 2am posts. Well then off to bed for now. Ciao my faithful readers.

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